About The Buzz Project

Our mission is to enable young people aged 14-25 in the Highlands of Scotland, particularly Lochaber, to identify and fulfil their potential. Learn how to express your needs, wants and ideas with confidence, develop increased self-awareness and learn skills which will benefit you in education and the workplace.

Based in Fort William, our bus travels out to various venues across the Highlands and provides a mobile music studio and teaching area. Music is a universal language which enables the expression of difficult themes and this is supported by an education programme covering personal development, organisational development and music industry-related topics.

Where we operate

We are currently operating in Ballachulish, Kinlochleven, Caol, Fort William, Mallaig and soon will be including parts of Ardnamurchan. For more information on dates and times please call us or send an email or visit our facebook page.

Come along and learn about:

  • playing an instrument (electric, acoustic or bass guitar,
    synthesised drums, electric piano)
  • reading music
  • writing and creating music
  • understanding and producing music
  • studio recording techniques
  • mixing and computerised editing
  • performance skills
  • events management
  • staging for music performance
  • technical production for music performance
  • sales and marketing techniques
  • financial planning and management
  • team work
  • leadership
  • listening and communication
  • understanding the self-destruct button
  • assertiveness
  • managing anger
  • understanding human behaviour in relationships
  • youth work training

We will encourage you to plan, deliver and evaluate public performances in your community showcasing your abilities and your development as a positive role model to your peers, family and wider community.

Volunteers of all ages can access professional youth work education and qualifications. This is not just about experience of practice but about the philosophy behind youth work and the models and theories which underpin it. It will incorporate programme development for young people and how to ensure equal opportunities and manage diversity.

Good youth work involves the recognition that identity is at the heart of the development of a young person usually at a time of their lives when they are exploring boundaries and how they are seen by themselves and others. Self-esteem emerges from our abilities, worth and personal controls and particularly from our personal values. Youth work which merely concentrates on activities and ignores these things misses a crucial opportunity to walk alongside a young person on their life journey.