Meet The Team

Chris AdamsOur Musician is Chris Adams Dip.MftM.

Chris is a professional, award-winning musician and composer who has worked in the music industry for many years and has taught music in secondary schools. He has recorded and performed with some of the major rock bands in the UK.

Chris has an ability to bring out the best in people in a non-intimidating way and is passionate about creating positive change in young people.

He believes that music can be an alternative to negativity enabling an individual to channel potentially-destructive attitudes into positive creative achievements. Sometimes all it takes is the right opportunity.

Simon NichollsOur Senior Youth Worker is Simon Nicholls M.A., B.Phil., PGCE, MifL.

Simon is a professional qualified youth and community worker with an immense amount of skills and experience. In addition to teaching community and personal development, he has many years’ experience of working with people of all ages and backgrounds and has written youthwork materials and adapted them to different environments.

Simon is also a luthier (violin maker) and has made instruments for professional musicians, as well as recording and touring with the rock band, Electric Light Orchestra. He is committed to delivering quality youth work which has a lasting impact on an individual’s life.

He believes that personal and community growth emerges from the opportunity to grasp the nettle of change and become creators of change and not consumers of change.

BronwynStudio 2 Co-ordinator - Bronwyn Strachan

Bronwyn Strachan is our Studio 2 Co-ordinator. Since coming through the organisation as a participant in the early days, Bronwyn has continued to build Studio 2 into one of the most up-and-coming venues in the community and a space for local people to use as a place to meet, learn and be involved.

Bronwyn has skills in fashion, design and manufacturing. Her recent training with the British Film Institute in cinematography has built on her work with Scottish playwright David Cosgrove and, more recently, her work with stage and TV actor, Libby McArthur. She is currently building on her skills as a new promoter by bringing artists to perform at Studio 2.

Bronwyn is a real asset to Studio 2 and is really friendly.

To find out more about Studio 2 contact or ring 07825 146742

Paul Kelly Young People's Counsellor/Therapist - Paul

Paul Kelly has worked within the field of Personal Development, Training and Coaching for twenty-four years. He believes passionately in assisting to create valuable, lasting and life-changing opportunities for individuals and groups, as everyone has the potential to be what they want to be. We have all the ingredients – we just need help sometimes finding the correct recipe.

Paul has worked in the fields of youth work and outdoor learning, holding many outdoor qualifications and can often be found up a hill, floating down the river or bobbing about the sea.

Over the years Paul became fascinated by the mind and body connection and understanding how it all works and how our language and thoughts can affect us. In order to grow and develop this understanding Paul studied and qualified in areas such as Life Coaching, NLP (this looks at the patterns you create) and positive language. He has also undertaken and practises Mindfulness and Buteyko (breathing exercises).